South Big Data Regional Innovation Hub Spokes Program

Full proposals are due to NSF on February 25th. These must include a letter of collaboration from the hub.

For those advancing to the next stage and submitting a full proposal, please submit the requested information for your letter by February 8th. This was emailed to your designated proposal contact person.

If you have difficulties or questions, please contact (If you are looking for information about what was covered concerning spokes at the December meeting, go back and select "Resources" from the navigation menu.)

The National Science Foundation has launched the BD Spokes Program to establish spokes to advance big data applications. Each spoke must be associated with one of the regional hubs. Approval from the hub is mandatory prior to submission of both the spokes and planning proposals to NSF, and the deadline for acquiring this (by submitting a white paper to the hub) has passed.

South BD Hub Spokes Criteria:

1. Conform to Spokes call, including NSF themes and criteria.
2. Have clear and measurable milestones, outcomes and deliverables. The plan should be comprehensive and achievable.
3. Be multi-organizational, where organizations can be academic, industry, government, nonprofit, or other entities. Involvement of multiple states or different types of organizations is desirable.
4. Have a demonstrable impact, including for your wider group of stakeholders. This point was heavily emphasized at our recent meeting.
5. Support education and workforce training.
6. Have spoke/hub interaction as detailed in the NSF BD Spokes call. Work that can stand alone without hub integration will not be considered.

Important Deadlines:

Submission of two-page white paper December 21, 2015
Hub decision communicated January 6, 2015
Letter of Intent due to NSF January 12, 2016
Full proposal due to NSF February 25, 2016